itWash management servers are a useful extension for efficient administration
when several itWash instances are in use.

Regardless of whether a large number
of identical or a mixture of different
itWash systems are in use, with their
scalable functional areas itWash
management servers are a useful costcutting
operational support.

In the operational model, they are
integrated into Service Transition and
Service Operation and serve to establish
and maintain operational

Components and designs:

itWash-MS/SV+U (SV+U= Software distribution and updates)
The software distribution component of the management server enables
the initial production (refuelling), updating (updates) and ensuring
the operational readiness of the various itWash components. (AV
signature updates, patches,...).

itWash-MS/DC (central reporting)
Central overview of all events, status messages and statistical analyses
of all itWash systems in use. As an outsourced application, the
central monitoring database includes reporting and status data.
This enables the separation of lock functions and administrative access.

itWash-MS/VPN (Virtual Private Network)
The various VPN usage scenarios in management servers of itWash
are managed centrally:
• Integration of itWash into the customer‘s infrastructure
• If necessary, for itWatch remote maintenance access (depending on SLA)

itWash-MS/Health Status
Monitoring of the utilisation of the available data lock modules.
Safe and simple checking of the operating status of the itWash systems