Local receiving station for itWash

Washing function on every workstation

  • Two versions are available for local data acceptance:

    itWash-A: Data lock on a dedicated system (e.g. measurement data acquisition).
    itWash-iz: Data lock is securely integrated in the standard workstation PC. This means the user can continue to carry on his normal activities on this PC.

    The descriptions of the possibilities and applications are identical for both.
  • The data is sent to an itWash-z or a local virtual itWash instance
    • Forwarded
    • Returned washed
    • If necessary, open locally with the appropriate application
  • Separate, secure GUI for user interaction for data selection and input of metadata
  • Typical Applications:
    • ARead devices from unsafe environments – USB sticks, mobile phones, IoT
    • Provable and documented data acceptance by third parties (who? what? when? why?)
      with freely definable or standard dialogs
    • Internet station – reception kiosk at the police station
    • Standardization of file formats to company standard e.B. Office to pdf/A, Video to mp4
    • Secure acceptance of data in the HR department ...