With itWash Mail, e-mail attachments can be washed, so that the user can use them safely.

Malicious code in attachments or links in emails is the most frequently used attack method to blackmail your company, e.g. by means of ransomware, or to steal your data. itWash Mail puts a stop to this gateway.

itWash Mail Client

offers the sensitised user the possibility to wash mails from unsafe senders before opening them and thus avoid the risks.

The mail attachments are decrypted and unpacked - i.e. washed in plain text.

itWash Mail Client only requires an Outlook add-in on the client and offers the user an optional washing of the mail attachments for Outlook via the context menu. the attachments land on the user's client cleanly washed without further interaction. An optimal solution for sensitised users.


• Elimination of the residual risk of encrypted or otherwise pre-treated mail attachments through local activity
• Modular structure enables the simplest start (Outlook Add-In only) and successive expansion to optimum security
• Easy to use
• Uses user sensitisation
• Risk of ransomware is minimised
• No need for users to travel to lock computers
• Mail attachments can be safely opened and processed directly at the workplace


Central Mail Washing

With itWash's central mail wash, you wash all attachments of all incoming mails centrally before forwarding them to the recipient.
BEFORE delivery to the client/recipient, the central mail wash cleans the attachments of all incoming e-mails with the respective configured detergent. The e-mail recipient thus receives only cleaned e-mail attachments and, in addition, a report tailored to his or her needs.


• Automatic washing of the e-mail attachments
• Protection against ransomware and extortion software
• Work without compromising the security of the company
• Mail attachments are opened and processed safely at the workplace
• No administrative intervention necessary
• No training required
• Incorrect operation by the user is impossible!

Usage scenarios:

  • Human resources departments, marketing departments, press offices
  • Claims processing and reporting offices
  • Content from partners and suppliers
  • In public authorities: Attachments sent by citizens within the framework of the OZG, citizen data, e-government (attachments)
  • Special sectors: Submission of medical reports (DICOM) or specialised procedures