itWash-FlowControl is an innovative
operating model of itWash - data lock
with data laundry - and enables
prioritised job processing and data
carrier management of your „wash

FlowControl was developed for the safe,
sequential processing of large amounts
of data from different data sets.
and includes the components like data
carrier management, order entry and
order management.

Management of large amounts of data (XL data)
• Parallel processing of the jobs
• Interruption of a running job without loss of time possible
• Priorities can be adjusted
• Monitoring and documentation of the operations

Security and confidentiality through 
• Registration of data carriers
• Sophisticated authorisation management: e.g. decoupling of client and consumer.
• Data is only delivered if the predefined destination is available

Individual rules (policies) can be set up
The type of washing is different for the same file type, for example, if this file type comes from different sources.