The itWash-Dashboard visualises the events generated during the washing processes.
The authorised SuperVisor can quickly draw conclusions about possible bottlenecks, quarantine cases, etc. and initiate appropriate action.

The dashboard is connected to the data lock via IP, so that one dashboard can access several locks.

The dashboard maps the lock process and visualises the following areas:

Monitor / Workload:
Monitors the entrance of the data lock depending on the customer
configuration and shows, for example, how many files were
brought in, which „wash programmes“ ran and where there were

Processing / Workload:
How much data was tranferred to which areas (sanitizer - quarantine
- distributor) and processed?

Sanitizer / Workload:
Which policy was used? How much data could be washed?
In what time?

Distributor / Workload:
Where to were the jobs distributed or exported - which events
were mapped to clean - quarantine - processing error - discarded?
It also shows how many elements/hour were processed.
This can be used to identify possible bottlenecks.
The identified data can be viewed retrospectively for up to 8 hours,
so that efficient support is possible.