Data Lock as a Central Station

  • e.g. for secure Internet downloads, communication with third parties such as partners, suppliers, authorities, municipalities (OZG), customer portals, etc.

    Washing components are installed on one or more central instances, e.g. as 19“ units, and the cleaned data is
    further distributed from there in an automated manner.
  • In the demilitarized zone of the data center or „dual homed“ as laundry for Internet downloads, email attachments, network contact point with insecure networks / content, Boston Infrastructure...
  • In the inner network
    as a washing station for encrypted objects, GDPR compliant...
  • Typical applications:
    • Only secure data in the inner network
    • Conversion of the delivered data to standard formats – e.g. all videos to mp4 – to implement a media strategy
    • Data distribution in networks with safety gradient despite network separation.