Pillar format kiosk system

Kiosksystem im Säulenformat
  • Pillar / wall mounting with / without touchscreen
  • Optimally adaptable to the installation site due
    to different form factors: Indoor and outdoor
  • Keyboardless operation possible / industrial
  • keyboard if required / alternative to mouse such
    as rollerball etc. if required
  • Computing Unit und screen can be set up
  • Any interfaces with any bandwidth possible, e.g.
    Thunderbolt, Firewire, 10 GBit/s network
  • Highest flexibility regarding the equipment
  • Easily extendable
  • Optional protection against splash water /
    dust / heat / vandalism
  • Optional theft protection:
    • Can be screwed to the floor or wall
    • Protection of data against unauthorized
  • Optional individual design (color, logo
    printing, ...) possible
  • Optional with dispenser for disinfectant